combi line 2,3 side – combination ladders
combi line 2,3 side extended – combination ladders
combi line 2,3 side leaning ladder - combination ladders
combi line 2,3 front - combination ladders

Combi Line 2,3 m

  • 3 ladders in 1
  • The most comfortable ladder on the market
  • Wide safety treads – Ergonomic to stand on for long periods of time
  • Angled rubber feet maximize surface grip
  • Friction profiles on steps to minimise risk of slipping
  • Dirt channels – Maximise friction with no dirt between feet and steps
  • Minimum turning radius in small spaces
  • Simple and safe unlocking
  • Smart accessories for improved use
  • Made of high quality anodised aluminium with glass fibre reinforced plastic fittings
  • For professionals by professionals
  • SP/EN 131 certified

Product specifications

Art. no.60623
No. of treads6+2
Tread width90 mm
Working height3,5 m
Length, extended2,3 m
Length, closed0,71 m
Width0,69 m
Weight14,5 kg



Combi Line - Product Sheet

Combi Line - Instructions