Evolving to the next level!

Our highly appreciated Combi Line has, as a part of our new Swedish manufacturing, entered a new era.

The new and improved Combi Line owns the same patented triangular shaped tubes as our Prime Line. This unique design generates strength and a torsional rigid ladder as never seen before.

But that’s not all, we have added a bunch of further features allowing an easier handling and more comfortable usage.

With the new Autolift, the Combi Line is easier to carry, and you never have to worry about losing that handle again 😉 The top section is also adapted to the Prime Line with rubber tops and same as for the leaning ladders without the upper section to be more applicable on uneven surfaces.

Last but not least, we have even facilitated the transformation of the Combi Line from a free-standing ladder into a leaning ladder, by developing our unique Easy lock.

For more information, please check out the Combi Line product page.