A fully automatic production facility has been built up, in the deep forest of Sweden. There are huge benefits both to our customers but also our planet, saving a great deal of CO2 pollution.

    With our dedicated team and a fully automatic production, every single ladder is a perfection of each component, which perfectly fit together. Just as a high-quality wristwatch. We are in full control of the production from the first piece of raw aluminum to fully assembled ladder, and of course full traceability.

    To have the world’s first fully automatic production of telescoping ladders based in Sweden makes us in humbled way, but proud.


    The new fully automatized manufacturing in Sweden ensures a repetitive quality for every single ladder to the highest of standards! The whole process is performed by high-precision equipment supervised by the quality-assurance team. With the production located in Sweden, innovations – the heart & soul of our company – will reach the market faster than ever. Due to the regional proximity, R&D and manufacturing will work together even closer which accelerates this important process in great fashion!


    Moving the production of our ladders back to Sweden comes with a lot of great benefits. One of them is the heavily decreased environmental impact.

    All components for our ladders are produced/sourced closely to the factory where the assembling is happening. This means that nearly no transportation is needed to the place where “the magic happens”.

    However, the biggest change from an environmental point of view is made, when it comes to the transportation of the product from the production to our warehouse at the HQ in Tranas, Sweden. Instead of shipping ladders all over the ocean, we decrease the distance to a short regional radius.

    Last but not least, our suppliers do all own environmental certifications according to various European standards, ensuring an environmentally friendly production.

    Telesteps – the art of telescopic ladders