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    Art. no. 72423-681
    Tread width 80 mm
    Working height 3,1 m
    Length, closed 0,73 m
    Width 0,68 m
    Weight 14,1 kg
    Max load 150 kg
    Max users 1
    Art. no. 72430-681
    Tread width 80 mm
    Working height 3,8 m
    Length, closed 0,79 m
    Width 0,75 m
    Weight 19,5 kg
    Max load 150 kg
    Max users 1
    Combi Line - Compact and free-standing


    Freestanding-, leaning- and A-ladder, all in one.

    Our Combi Line is exactly what it sounds like, a freestanding ladder fully extended for maximum working height, but at a limited height can be used as an A-frame ladder, easily adjusted and used as a leaning ladder. This makes the ladder optimal for those who need a multifunctional ladder for different types of situations.

    Ergonomic and safe

    To be and feel safe on a ladder is our highest priority, that’s why we have lot of build in safety features. The red tabs are a clear indicator when the rungs are locked and safe to climb. Our new 80 mm wide and level rungs with grooved channels gives you great grip and is very comfortable to stand on also for longer periods of time.

    The patented triangular tubes make the ladder stronger and more flex resistant thanks to our engineering. The shape also makes a perfect grip for your hand when climbing up and down the ladder. Like all our ladders Combi Line is equipped with both rubber tops and feet all to avoid slipping.

    Flexible and easy to use

    The very nature of telescoping ladders makes them easy to transport in almost any vehicle but more importantly easy to carry back and forth the working site even when you need to use an elevator or if there is lack of space. 

    The newly developed Autolift makes it even easier to carry Combi Line, especially when you often move the ladder during your workday.

    In just a couple of seconds you can transform Combi Line from a free-standing ladder into a leaning ladder. Just push the buttons on the back side of the ladder and pull the bottom rungs upwards until you can attach our Easy Lock to the above rung. Done.

    Technical specification

    • SAFE LOCKING – Red indicator tabs to ensure your safety every time.
    • ERGONOMIC – Wide and level rungs to minimize slipping and reduce fatigue.
    • SAFER RUNGS – Rungs with grooved channels to disperse dirt.
    • INTEGRATED HANDLE – The Combi Line has an integrated handle making it very easy to carry.
    • RUBBER FEET – Maximizing surface contact to avoid slipping.
    • RUBBER TOP SECTION – Works individually on uneven surfaces. Avoids sliding and damaging walls.
    • SLOW CLOSE SYSTEM – Controlled closing to avoid pinching fingers.
    • TRIANGULAR DESIGN – Twist and flex resistant by nature.
    • EASY LOCK 2 ladders in 1 – Easy to transform from standing ladder to a leaning ladder.
    • AUTOLIFT – Connecting front and back side of the ladder, when lifting.
    • SMART & SAFE UNLOCKING – Two push buttons on each side for closing the ladder.
    • Autostep® – Automatic unlocking system when closing the ladder.
    • EN 131 and SP (RISE) certified


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