In our assortment there are also smart accessories that make your work even easier.

    Wall Mount

    Your ladder. Nice, robust and safe.

    Work Tray

    You always have your favorite tools within arms reach with the Work Tray from Telesteps.

    Adjustable Safety Feet

    No matter where you’re putting your ladder, you’ll have full contact with the ground when you use our safety feet.

    Top Support

    No angles or corners are impossible with Telesteps Top Support.

    Carry Bag

    Nice and robust bag to carry the ladder in. It also protects the ladder.

    Ground Spikes

    The base doesn’t matter – snow, mud or dirt. Better grip is always close at hand.

    Retro Kit Stabiliser Bar

    With our Stabiliser Bar you have a ladder that meets the new standard.

    Retro Kit Stabilisers

    If you already have a ladder but want it to meet the new requirements, our Stabilisers Kit is your best option.

    Maintenance Kit

    To even extend the functionality and secure the safety of your ladder we have created a maintenance kit including a cleaning sponge and a microfiber towel.

    Spare Parts

    Spare parts, so you can continue to use your ladder safely.