First, best & safest

    First, best & safest

    A smart patent making safety the highest priority has positioned Telesteps as the clear market-leader in Europe and several other markets around the globe. And interest just keeps growing for telescopic ladders, work platforms and work tools that grow with the task, but make transportation a minor problem.

    Of course, other companies that attempt to copy our patented solutions are a compliment. Their problem is that it’s never more than an attempt. As the original, we clearly possess the longest and widest experience of how to manufacture a safe quality ladder. We are proud of our culture, where we never compromise on safety or quality. We don’t just know how to make a good ladder – we ensure each component part is tested, both individually and together in a working unit before delivery.

    Being the first with a product that changed the market in one blow means we are being watched. Then we can’t leave anything to chance. Many of the advantages and safety features can be found there. In this case, the Original has been tested and certified in accordance with the standards of independent parties. That is also difficult to copy.