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    Loft Mini
    Loft Maxi
    Art. no. 72324-541
    No. of treads 9
    Tread width 40 mm
    Floor to fitting plate: 2,25 - 2,45 m
    Min. hatch opening 520 x 600 mm
    Weight 15,3 kg
    Art. no. 72527-541
    No. of treads 10
    Tread width 40 mm
    Floor to fitting plate 2,55 - 2,95 m
    Min. hatch opening 520 x 920-1100 mm
    Weight 16,6 kg


    The easy way to your loft.

    Loft Line is a standalone product, assembled in your existing loft framework.

    When we developed the new Loft Line our ambition was to create a safer ladder, easier to install and even straightforward to use. This is the worlds best telescoping Loft ladder in any aspects.


    When it comes to creating ladders, safety is our top priority and Loft Line is no exception. Loft Line is equipped with the same safety features as all our ladders, including safety tabs, wide and level steps, angled rubber feet and safe opening with our unique break technology.

    Also, Loft Line is now produced with our patented triangular tube, making it stronger and even more impact resistant. The triangular shape also creates the perfect grip for your hand when climbing up and down the ladder.


    Loft Line is extremely easy to use, just lift it of the frame and pull the ladder out in his fully open position. When you are done, it is just as easy to fold since it is equipped with Autostep®. Just push the two buttons on the bottom rung and the ladder will easily unlock itself while you push and hook it on.


    We have also updated how to install the ladder, making it easier with new features like top buttons on the MAXI for extending the top tubes. Of course you are getting assembly guidance from our updated assembly instruction

    Technical specification

    • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – Loft Maxi is designed with a flexible height adjustment to obtain a safe leaning angle.
    • SAFE LOCKING – Red indicator tabs to ensure your safety every time.
    • TRIANGULAR DESIGN – Grip-friendly design that is twist and flex resistant by nature.
    • SMART & SAFE UNLOCKING – 2 push buttons for closing the ladder.
      Autostep® – Automatic unlocking system when closing the ladder.
    • FLEXIBLE SOLUTION – Loft Line is a standalone product, assembled in your existing framework.
    • SAFE OPENING SYSTEM – Breaksystem to create a smooth and controlled opening.
    • SAFE & ERGONOMIC RUNGS – Wide and level rungs with grooved channels to minimize slipping.
    • ANGELED RUBBER FEET – Maximizing Surface Contact to the floor.
    • EN & SP (RISE) certified

    Assemble & use

    This short video will show you how to assemble and use your new Loft Line.