Many advantages

    Many advantages


    Telescopic ladders can easily be extended with one grip and it’s just as quick to secure the ladders before use. Red buttons projecting under each step indicate the ladder is ready for use and can handle loads of up to 150 kg. When closed, our products are light and flexible to transport.


    With their telescopic function and minimal turning radius, the ladders are excellent for use even in small and confined spaces. They can also be adapted to the desired length for the task you are going to carry out. In this way, a telescopic ladder is many ladders in one – always the correct lenght for the job. Our range also includes smart accessories lika the adjustable safety feet, top support and work trays. They make your work even easier.


    Simplicity and flexibility by all means, but we prioritise safety. We assemble the ladders by hand and test them all, one by one, before delivery. Safety also means to have a ladder with the correct height for the job – standing firmly at the correct angle from the wall. The ladders and platforms are made of durable aluminium with hard-wearing glass fibre reinforced plastic fittings. Our equipment are certified according to the leading norms such as EN 131 & SP to mention a few.


    Extending a Telesteps ladder also opens an entire concept with spare parts, accessories, service and support functions. For example, the ladders have rubber feet that must be replaced when worn out to guarantee the product life cycle, function and safety. And if something unexpected should happen, help is always close at hand in the form of support. You don’t want to be without a loyal workmate more than necessary.