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Art. no. 61209-501
No. of treads 3
Tread width 65 mm
Working height 2,6 m
Height, extended 0,51 / 0,68 / 0,88 m
Size, closed 0,74 x 0,28 x 0,62 m
Width 0,62 m
Weight 16,5 kg


The Steadiest Surface Since The Ground.

The platform can be adjusted to the optimal height to fit your needs. It is small and compact for storage and transportation and with the telescopic function the platform is perfect in small spaces.

Simple locking system. Wide steps for a safer experience. Built-in handle for easy carrying. Designed for tough work environments.

The ideal platform for the person standing within the same space for long periods of time. The Steadiest and Most Agile Platform You Will Ever Use.

Technical specification

  • Stable and steady
  • Compact and easy to carry with built-in carry handles
  • Telescopic function enables 3 different working heights – 50 cm / 68 cm / 88 cm
  • Wide steps – Ergonomic and comfortable to stand on for long periods of time
  • Platform and steps with friction profiles to minimise risk of slipping
  • Minimum turnings radius in small spaces
  • Simple and safe unlocking
  • Made of high quality anodised aluminium with glass fibre reinforced plastic fittings
  • For professionals by professionals
  • SP and PPP 52178C.2018 certifierad