Our Products

Simplicity and flexibility by all means, but we prioritise safety. We assemble the ladders by hand and test them all, one by one, before delivery. Safety also means to have a ladder with the correct height for the job – standing firmly at the correct angle from the wall. The ladders and platforms are made of durable aluminium with hard-wearing glass fibre reinforced plastic fittings. Our equipment are certified according to the leading norms such as EN 131 & SP to mention a few.

Rescue Line

Rescue is on its way.

Prime Line

The most powerful telescopic ladder yet.

Classico Line

The Classic in Telescopic Ladders.

Combi Line

Leaning ladder. Free standing ladder. Combination ladder.

Solid Line

The Steadiest Surface Since The Ground.

Eco Line

For Home Owners and DIY.

Loft Line

The Smartest Loft Ladder, Ever.