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    Adjustable Safety Feet
    Art. no. 9190-209
    Max. height 220 mm
    Foot Ø155 mm x 2
    Joint 360°
    Weight 2,2 kg
    Fits with Prime 3,0 / Prime 3,5 S / Prime 4,1 S / Rescue 3,5 / Rescue 4,1
    Prime Ladder with Adjustable Safety Feet


    No matter where you're putting your ladder, you'll have full contact with the ground when you use our safety feet.

    A ladder must always be level to be safe to use. However, there are many occasions when you need to use a ladder when the ground is sloping, uneven or there are level differences. For your safety, we created the Adjustable Safety Feet. With our Adjustable Safety Feet assembled on the ladder, you can adjust the ladder-feet to set your ladder level and always feel safe when working.

    The Adjustable Safety Foot with its unique inbuilt Ball Joint design makes a safe and steady grip possible. The big rubber plates ensure extraordinary friction and touching ground in all circumstances. The Adjustable Safety Feet may also be supplemented with our Ground Spikes for extra good grip in muddy, snowy or icy environments.

    Our innovative Adjustable Safety Feet are loved by many Telesteps customers and continue to inspire our team at Telesteps to take innovation one step further. Nothing should stand in the way of a safe quality ladder, regardless of its working environment.

    Technical specification

    • Extremely flexible and adjustable – Your ladder always becomes level even though your surface is uneven
    • The foot has an inbuilt ball joint – for maximizing contact with the surface
    • Foot control – for easy use
    • Max adjustable 220 mm (depending on model)
    • Approved for 150kg according to EN 131