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    Maintenance Kit
    Art. no. 9205-101DE
    Art. no. 9205-101EN 9205-101ES
    Art. no. 9205-101FR
    Art. no. 9205-101SE 9205-201DE 9205-201EN 9205-201ES 9205-201FR 9205-201SE
    Dirty Prime Line

    Be safe by taking care of your ladder

    Telesteps Maintenance Guide is a concept for Your Safety.

    For reasons of safety and functionality, the telescopic product must always be kept clean, particularly the telescopic tubes and rungs. Dirt, filings, paint spots, glue etc. must be cleaned after each use, and before the ladder is closed. If your ladder is soaking wet, fully extend the ladder, wipe off and keep it extended until the ladder is completely dry.

    The ladder is not safe if any of the parts are damaged or worn out. Don’t use the ladder if it needs to be repaired. Replace damaged parts or/and contact your authorized service workshop for assistance. Any repair work must always be carried out by an authorized service workshop.

    Treat your Telesteps Products with care and it will retain its unique properties. Follow strictly recommendations and steps, in order to always have a safe product ready for your daily challenges: BEFORE USE – AFTER USE – YEARLY INSPECTION

    Technical specification

    Our maintenance Kit includes:

    • One high quality microfiber towel
    • One cleaning sponge to remove dirt and other stains on the products
    • Maintenance instructions & yearly inspection plan
    Clean your Prime Line

    Fits with

    Our Maintenance Kit is usable on all our products.