Yet another Telesteps patent.

It is one of our main ambitions to continue to improve our products and constantly provide the market with innovations facilitating the end-users’ daily challenges. In this spirit we did develop Telesteps unique Stabilisers in order to provide our telescopic ladders with its biggest benefit – the compactness.

To secure this unique selling point for all of our partners, we did initiate the patenting process within the same time which has now proceeded from “patent pending” to “patented”!

Our Stabilisers are allowing the ladder to be as compact as ever during transportation and while storage but complying with the latest standard – EN 131-6 – as well.

The handling of this smart feature is extremely user-friendly since designed to be applied only by your feet and of course compatible with one of our most important accessories, the Adjustable Safety Feet. With just a couple of simple steps you will be able to adjust the Stabilisers on uneven grounds, securing the ideal standing angle for your Safety.

Telesteps – Safety through innovation.