Tool Tray
    Art. No. 9202-101
    Dimensions 300x80x85
    Weight 0,2 kg
    Tool Tray on folded Prime Line ladder

    Tool Tray

    A helping hand.

    We have all been there, standing on the ladder holding screws in our mouth, all to be able to work with both hands free. Remember you when running up and down the ladder for tools we need but not being able to hold at the same time. With Telesteps Tool Tray you are safe, avoiding useless movements.

    This small but handy accessory allows you to place tools, screws, electrical instruments and other equipment’s, on a practical tray while you are working. This way you will have both hands free and your work is easier and safer when all you need is within reach.

    The clever design makes it possible to easily move the Tool Tray to any one of the top three rungs without any screws. While the open side makes it easy to swipe away dust or any other debris before you close the ladder.

    The compact design also allows you to fold the ladder without removing the Tool Tray, this way you will always have the tray with you when you need it.

    Technical specification

    • Dimensions: 300x80x85 mm
    • Attachment: Click on
    • Material: ASA
    Tool Tray with tools

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