Safe rungs, provides high-level of quality

Solid craftsmanship combined with smooth and safe ladders from Telesteps In Sweden, gives Malma Fönsterputs AB the opportunity to go from clarity to clarity and impress its customers. Always equipped with Prime ladders, the window cleaners are ready to get far above ground and work safely and efficiently.

Malma Window Cleaning AB in Sweden has an unusually good reputation both among customers and among other window cleaners in the country.

– In fact, window cleaners from other parts of Sweden ask to come and work with us at Malma for a few days to take part of our expertise,” says Martin Björk. In our industry, it is considered as an excellence to be able to say that you have been and worked at Malma.

Martin took over the company in 2008 and had already been working in the industry for quite some time. At the same pace as Martin has run up and down many ladders, he has come to master the craftsmanship that window cleaning is, right down to perfection. Caroline Björk, one of eight other phenomenal window cleaners in the company, says that it is an incredibly nice feeling when the right flow occurs, and everything clears and shines where the window scraper sweeps by. Caroline highlights safety and security as an important part of Malma’s success.

– It’s easy to work when the equipment is good. The ladders we are using are all from Telesteps and of the Prime Line model, she says. We have been doing this since 2008 when Martin bought our first Telesteps ladder. The Combi Line A-frame ladder is still here with us.

Prime Line-ladders which makes impact

It’s fun to come out to the customer and see how impressed they are with our equipment, Caroline says. Since we don’t come with a long ladder on the car roof anymore, it’s not easy for the customer to know that we actually are able to access working at 3-4 meters heights, and that we have everything we need with us in the car. Even a long ladder. When we pull out our Prime Ladders to the needed length, we feel satisfied with both function and quality. Customers often comment on how smart our ladders are and we are ready to spend some time to discuss and agree, the ladders are smart, safe and extremely smooth. Safer ladder you have to look for!

Accessories for safety

Malma Window Cleaning AB today uses Prime ladders and appreciates the side stabilisers and adjustable safety feet that allow them to perform their work safely and efficiently. Being able to set up the ladders safely on basically any surface allows us to take on tricky assignments and still feel guaranteed to be safe when we work. Martin thinks it’s worth a lot. 

The season for window cleaners extends from March to December. Spring and summer are high season especially when it comes to private homeowners. Companies and public spaces, on the other hand, have about the same need all year round. And Malma Window Cleaning solves that, of course.

– We have coolant in our water, but our limit is about 16 degrees below zero. Then it gets too cold about your fingers. The ladders, on the other hand, can handle most weather and since the ladders have grooved channels on the rungs, the slippery risk is minimal.

For the next winter, we will equip Prime Line with ground spikes, says Martin. It is a smart accessory that gives a grip even when the surface is, muddy, hard or/and frozen. There is also a Top Support that Malma is curious to test. This provides more stability to the ladder and increases the possibility of where we can set the steps.

New opportunities with smart features Before we our Prime Ladders, we came to the customer and had to refuse some of the job because it was too crowded. To get a four-meter ladder in place, you need space, and that’s not what you find in any given occasion. With the ladders we have today, we never run into that problem anymore. We can set up the ladders and clean in any environment. Prime ladders have enabled an expanded customer base for us, offering safe working environment, Caroline and Martin note.